Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ / ZG spare parts

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a further development of the smaller Jeep Cherokee and was first presented to the public in 1992. The Jeep Grand Cherokee was equipped with a V8 engine. In 1996 the exterior design of the vehicle was revised, so that the radiator grill got a new design and the bumper integrated fog lights.
The Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ series, which was produced from 1993 to 1998, was originally launched in three equipment versions, and various ZJ special models were added.
While the equipment series Base, later SE, was considered the simplest model with fabric upholstery, manual five-speed transmission, the equipment series Laredo was the model that became the base. The Limited series was considered a top model and offered all the desired extras from leather upholstery to heated seats and an on-board computer.
The European version of the Grand Cherokee ZJ, the Jeep Grand Cherokee ZG, is slightly higher and differs from the American original in terms of chassis and interior.