Jeep Cherokee Liberty KJ spare parts

In 2001, production of the Jeep Cherokee Liberty KJ began, while the vehicle is offered in the USA under Jeep Liberty. Despite its name, the vehicle is not a successor to the Cherokee series, but a completely new model series. In Europe, the Jeep Cherokee Liberty KJ was originally offered with switchable four-wheel drive (Command-Trac), in the USA also in a version that only had rear-wheel drive. Until 2006, the Jeep Cherokee Liberty KJ was available as a four-cylinder petrol engine with 108 kW, while 2.5 litres of diesel were also available in Europe, in addition to the 3.7 litre V6 petrol engine. In 2004 there was also a 2.8 litre version, five-speed automatic and disengageable front axle.