Jeep CJ spare parts

For more than 60 years, the Jeep CJ has been considered a true cult classic. The Jeep CJ5 and CJ6 models were built from 1954, the CJ7 from 1976 and the CJ-8 from 1981. Most of the successor models were available as a bucket car and station wagon, later on variants as pick-ups were also introduced.
The CJ5 was produced for three decades, despite three newer models. The CJ5 and CJ6 models went through various engines and steel bodies during production. So they appeared with a V6 engine, V8 engine AMC and V8 engine GM. The Jeep CJ5 is presented in various special models, such as Tuxedo Park, Camper, Renegade I, Renegade II, Super Jeep or Golden Eagle.
The CJ7 differentiates itself by the less conspicuous swing on the doors. In 1976 eleven years of production began for the model. Further features are the all rim drive and a two-stage transmission. Hardtop and steel doors made up the accessories. As a special model of the CJ7 the Renegade and the later introduced Laredo model shone.
In 1981 the Jeep CJ8 was produced, a pickup production which was later replaced by the Jeep Comanche. Most of the models were produced with drive components that had manually tightened wheel hubs and were used for front wheel drive.