Niebling & Bub Automobil-Handel GmbH

Spare- and Accessorie Parts new and second hand
for Jeep & Chrysler Vehicles

We are located in Gersfeld near the near of Fulda.

In addition we offer service for
Axle-, Gear- & Engine repairs.


Renegade Station Niebling und Bub
Automobil-Handel GmbH

Sudetenstraße 23

36129 Gersfeld (near Fulda) Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 6654 917240
Fax:      +49 (0) 6654 9172420


Bankverbindung: VR Genossenschaftsbank Fulda
IBAN: DE57530601800001842129  
Kto Nr. 1842129    BLZ 53060180
Für Auslandsüberweisung:
IBAN: DE57530601800001842129   BIC: GENODE51FUL



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